Automated solutions for Aurion HRIS

Aurion-logoWorking with Aurion since 2004

Seeking to integrate Aurion HRIS with Active Directory with a proven out of the box solution?

Do you want it to be bi-directional – updating changes made in either place?

Would automated On-boarding and Off-boarding with Aurion HRIS address multiple challenges?

Want solutions for auditing or compliance issues?

Want to leverage your Aurion HRIS investment to streamline your business automation?

Want a choice of on-premise or cloud based solution?


Some companies working with the UNIFY solution include:


The solution – simple, robust, repeatable!

UNIFY’s 11 years’ experience with Aurion HRIS allows us to provide a patented technology designed to help organisations efficiently conduct on-boarding and off-boarding without complicated, costly, custom integrations.

UNIFY’s technology complements all customer platforms. Identity Broker ensures that for all staff additions, moves and changes, every system is informed of new details instantly or exactly when desired every time.

Aurion-logoWorking with Aurion
  • We have a Memorandum of Understanding with Aurion since 2004 and liaise actively with Aurion.
  • UNIFY have presented this solution at Aurion events, and it is endorsed by Aurion.
  • Identity Broker for Aurion, since its introduction in 2007, has been a vital part of Identity Management for Aurion customers such as WA Water, Museum Victoria, Australian Communications and Media Authority.

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