UNIFY Solutions was formed in 2004 on the understanding that identity management would become a critical component in securing access to everything.



Identity and Access Management (IAM) isn’t something you can afford to get wrong. UNIFY applies over a decade of successful IAM experience to ensure you get it right.

UNIFY provides our customers with robust IAM processes and systems through our comprehensive service offerings and with productive solutions that enable their business; deployed efficiently using our SaFe™ methodologies, frameworks and tools; and which reduce the ongoing costs of support.

IAM is the key to keeping corporate data and assets safe, increasing employee productivity and enabling business processes. Security that specifically targets endpoints, cloud, networks and email is not equipped to cope with the growing numbers and diversity of devices, systems and workflows. By focusing on authenticating user identity you can secure access to any application and from any device, anywhere. Effective Identity Management also has the potential to make end-user experiences simple and seamless and to drive down the cost of operational complexity while minimising exposure to security risks.

Controlling access to your information and resources has long been a core requirement of your IT architecture and security strategy. Authenticating users, managing access to applications and sets of data, and assigning roles and privileges is fundamental to ensuring compliance and security of corporate assets. Enterprise mobility, cloud computing and end-user focused applications that span multiple systems have intensified the need for effective identity management. You need to ensure your data is not compromised and also eliminate barriers to user adoption.

Now’s the time to take a proactive approach to Identity Management, incorporating on-premise, cloud and hybrid assets.